CC Extra Innings & Manual Scoreboard @ Rickwood Field

The Long Game

Image Credit: “Extra Innings & Manual Scoreboard @ Rickwood Field” by I Believe I Can Fry

I had to duck out of the Rhetoric Society of America Conference early, so I wasn’t able to stick around for the Graduate Student Reception. The reception featured presentations from junior scholars that addressed issues of publication and professionalization. I was invited to be a part of this panel, and I ended up creating a video to be played in my absence. That video is below, and here is a link to the Prezi that’s featured in that video.

This was an interesting presentation to put together. I ended up learning quite a bit about my own writing processes and collaborative efforts, and I was shocked to learn how long it actually took to get “Composition in the Dromosphere” published. I knew it took a while, but I had never counted the years, months, and days.

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