Getting Settled Online and Offline

Photo Credit: Maia C

I have been slowly easing my way into Detroit. I work in this beautiful building (The Maccabees, pictured above), and J and I have enjoyed exploring the city. In addition to this new home city, I’m working on a new home in cyberspace. You are seeing my new digs here at and (not to mention .com) were taken. So, .us it is. And that’s kind of fitting anyway, given that the clinamen is all about, in Nancy’s words, “an inclination or inclining from one toward another.” There is no “us” without the swerve of the clinamen. But we also have to remember that this “us” (this .us) is never final or closed off either. Clinamen is the relation or the possibility of a relation. It would perhaps be best to think of clinamen as the “.” that comes before “us”….perhaps. I will soon update my old post “explaining” (if that is possible) the title of this website.

I’ve got some blog posts brewing right now, but I wanted to get something on the new site as a kind of introduction. I’m hoping to slowly migrate my online activities from my University of Texas site over this way.

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